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contortedentity's Journal

[ contorted entity; ] // Sora and Roxas Community
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This is a livejournal community dedicated to Roxas, Sora, and their relationship and connection to one another (not specifically a pairing community, but Roxas x Sora is more than welcome :D). Please feel free to join!

>> Rules <<

[1] Be polite and respectful to other members and their opinions! No flaming; don't bring drama into the community, please.
[2] PUT SPOILERS UNDER AN LJ-CUT! With a warning! If you're unsure whether it's a spoiler or not, put it under one just to be safe.
[3] Please keep posts relavent; they have to do with at least Sora or Roxas.
[4] No character or couple bashing!

Have fun!

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